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Beta Version starts beginning june 2014

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As a Community Organizer, you bring amazing people together and create new friendships and partnerships. You want a Simple Way to Grow your Community and Bring more Members and Audiences. We Help you solve all your Community Needs.

For Happy Users


Discover exciting communities around your city or start your own community now.


Join community that you like and get more awesome friends with the same interests as yourself.


Start connecting with your community, attend their events, start new meetups, check pictures, read some blogs and invite more friends to join your community.

For Community Organizers


Create your own unique community page easily with your own personalized design and identity.

Organize & Grow

Saves more time in organizing and growing your community with our events, meetups, photos, blogs, invitations and newsletter.


Start collaborating and connect with many other communities by creating your own #Channel or join some other cool #Channel.