Next Generation Community Platform

Beta Version starts beginning june 2014

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As a Community Organizer, you bring amazing people together and create new friendships and partnerships. You want a Simple Way to Grow your Community and Bring more Members and Audiences. We Help you solve all your Community Needs.

Make your unique Community Website

Wakuwakuw gives you the freedom to customize and make your unique Community Website. Check out these amazing communities for examples.
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Organize and Promote Meetups and Events

Organizing your community's meetups and events is easy by using our powerful tools in wakuwakuw. You can customize it and start inviting all your friends seamessly. Check out these our featured events and meetups.

Collaborate with other Communities

Your community can make your own channel where you collaborate with other communities and share informations. Check out these collaborating channels examples

Fundraise & Get Sponsors (BETA)

You could easily fundraise & get sponsors for your Community or Events by providing different sponsor levels and rewards. Don't be shy to fundraise and raise your community and event to the next level.

Create Newsletter (BETA)

Creating Newsletter and having all of your members updated is easy than ever. Just choose what is happening in your community (upcoming events/meetups/ new blog/foto) and send these updates to people in your mailing list.

Remainder and Updates (BETA)

Give the latest updates and remainders of upcoming Events & Meetups to your guests list. Let them instantly know if any change happening right away.